ADAS Calibration

The vast majority of business authorities have the same opinion that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are the means of the future. These systems just make vehicles safer and more competent. So until the automobile and ultra-modern industries ideal the driverless car, more and more vehicles are bound to come outfitted with ADAS features. And to a greater extent of these features will have both helpful and off-putting impacts on your windshield. At Reliable Calibrations keeping our customers secure on the road is our uppermost priority. As technology is becoming more highly developed, we are seeing new vehicles built with ADAS.

You’ve unquestionably seen ADAS features already in the latest models of your preferred cars, trucks, and SUVs. Often advertised as unique options, these features include automatic blind-spot monitoring, mechanical collision evasion, and computer-guided parking. Usually, ADAS expertise falls into two different categories.

Modern vehicles at present come outfitted with ADAS features that can obscure windshield repair and replacement in quite a few ways. If a windshield crack is located in the area of an internal camera that points away from to the road, it may need extra involvement on the part of a skilled windshield repair professional.

If your car is fitted with ADAS system, it may need a calibration following a windscreen replacement. But don’t be anxious; we’ll let you be familiar with when you book with us. One of our well-skilled technicians will then do the calibration during your appointment. At Reliable Calibrations, we are the windscreen calibration professionals, with the expert acquaintance and tool to inclusive a calibration to the manufacturer’s required standard.